Newhouse trap values

Make Offer - Vintage newhouse animal trap traps it's a number 4 still works good nice old tra Antique 1900’s Sewell Newhouse Trapping Trapper Buyers Guide To Traps Oneida $225.00

This large vintage Oneida Newhouse #14 trap with teeth is in excellent original condition.The double spring trap itself measures 19" long and with the chain the overall length is 45".It was probably used to trap wolves or other similiar lar. Out of stock.
Believe it or not, there are some traps that are rare and collectible. In here I will include a little on two groups of these traps. One of these groups were called NEWHOUSE traps, and there were said to be the best traps in the world.They were made by a man named Sewell Newhouse who was born into the trade of blacksmithing in 1806. The Animal Trap Company of North America (ATCNA) produced hunting decoys for a greater number of years than any other decoy factory. Long before they produced decoys they were a major producer of animal traps. In 1918, they began to produce wood decoys in Lititz, Penn. and later in Pascagoula, Miss. This company produced a …

Apr 15, 2011 · MATTHEWS, NC –-( A vintage Oneida Newhouse No. 6 bear trap, made in the 1880s and weighing a whopping 43 pounds, with three wicked-looking teeth mounted on each massive jaw, sold for $3,491 in an Internet and catalog auction that went online in February and ended March 19 by, the hunting and fishing collectibles and ...

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Newhouse trap values

Apr 16, 2011 · The Ethical Trap. A rookie police officer smelled alcohol on his training officer's breath as he entered the driver's side of the squad car at the beginning of the shift. The training officer ...

May 03, 2016 · Lassa virus (LASV) causes a deadly haemorrhagic fever in humans, killing several thousand people in West Africa annually. For 40 years, the Natal multimammate rat, Mastomys natalensis, has been assumed to be the sole host of LASV. We found evidence that ... Made in USA by Oneida Victor Co.#1 and #11 Newhouse are NOT cast jaw.Shopping Tip: Most Traps are priced "Each", "Per 6", and "Dozen". Click on the box showing price to see other price options.
Contact "WISSMISS" on the "Trap Shed" forum. She seems to be well versed in values on Newhouse traps. Without even seeing them, I would guess your two 4 1/2 Newhouse wolf traps are probably worth WAY more than you gave the guy for the whole box.

NEWHOUSE SPECIAL WOLF TRAP. This trap is known as the No. 4 1/2 or "Newhouse Special Wolf Trap." It was put on the market to meet the demands of trappers for a new model of the Newhouse Trap especially designed for capturing the large timber wolves and mountain lions of the stock raising sections of the West.

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