High beams not working toyota

1.) Tested the headlamps individually with a 12 volt source, and both high and low beam filaments work fine. 2.) Removed covers and tested voltage at the headlight plugs. I get 12 volts to the low beam terminal until I turn on high-beams, and nothing to the high beam or low beam terminals at all.

However, when i turn on my lights i end up flashing everyone, and the large pain in the rear is when i want to use my parking lights my high beams are on. I know the work around to turn off the truck engage parking brake then turn it back on, but that just gets old fast. So i was wondering how to disable the drl? I have a 1993 Toyota pickup. The low beams work fine. When I switch it to high the headlights go off but the inside high beam indicator does light up. If I pull back on the switch to flash the high beams DO come on. The headlights are WAAYY brighter than on low so I am assuming that the headlights both low and high have to be in working order.
Low Beam not working but high beam is fine hi guys, my low beam is not working pero if i flash or use the high beam, ok naman. isang pang observation ko, kapag nag flash ako, mihindi

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2000 Toyota Camry high beams not working, but signal comes on. (2000 Toyota Camry) I have a 2000 Toyota Camry, last night I was driving home from work and I was using my high beams off and on (turning off when other cars were around, then turning them back on when I was alone, repeat).

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High beams not working toyota

Plugged it all up, made sure the motors were working and the heated features seem to work and then placed my panels back on. Last night I went to use my High-beams and noticed that my fog lights would go off (as per normal) the blue indicator on my dash illuminated but my actual high-beams no longer flip on.

Mar 07, 2012 · 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE. Non HID lights. Driver's side low beam headlight out. Replaced bulb, still not working. High beam okay. Moved both new bulb and old bulb to passenger side, both bulbs good. Pro … read more
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high beam lights not working - Ford ... the other nite i turned my high beam lights on and the low beam turned off and i only had parking lights and the blue light on ...

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