15m band plan

The pattern of a directive antenna changes over a frequency band and is measured in two ways: • Front-to-Back Ratio (F/B) - This is the ratio of the response in the direction of maximum gain compared to the response directly behind the antenna (at 180⁰)

Installation at my QTH basically had to be on my terrace, so space is rather limited. Such a directional antenna requires at least two elements, a full-size antenna for wavelength over 10 mtr will not fit, and 10 mtr is (usually) not my favorite band. So I narrowed it down to a simple half-size 2-element "Yagi".
This latter occurs mainly between April and early August allowing multihop communication up to 4100 km. This band is relatively quiet compared to the 15m band for example but it works globally very well for DX communications throughout the solar cycle.

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*CP6AR will cover small portion of 75 meter phone band. Antenna tuner required for additional coverage. Band / MHz Approx. Bandwidth* 75m / 3.8 MHz с20KHz 40m / 7 MHz с40KHz 20m / 14 MHz с100KHz 15m / 21 MHz с200KHz 10m / 28-29 MHz с500KHz 6m / 50 MHz с1.5MHz *1.8:1 SWR or better, 2.1:1 SWR or better on 75 meter Optional Accessories

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15m band plan

The usual formula is: minimum total length (in feet) = 1005 / f (in MHz), where f is the lowest intended frequency. Subtract 4% if using insulated wire (#12 stranded THHN works well).

30m has been the band I have spent most time monitoring as can be seen by the fact I have decoded over 270 stations on that band alone. What I have found strange is the lack of African stations - not a single one has been decoded to date. I guess it hasn’t caught on over there yet.
May 28, 2016 · The 15 meter band shows some actual gain, but at a high angle of about 30-40 degrees – This may or may not be what we want for our DX purposes on this band. That said, it is noteworthy to see it still has unity gain at lower angles. The 10 meter band, the black trace marked as Primary, shows peak energy well above 45 degrees elevation.

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RE: Band Scanning: a Tour of HF Ham Bands; That is the nature of learning new things. Be it some of the finer points of ham radio or the latest theorys in partical physics or quantum mechanics. (btw, IF ANYBODY IS INTO THE RAMIFICATIONS OF THE SUPER COLLIDER EXPERIMENT TO BE DONE THIS SUMMER.

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